Birger Engineering has joined the world of social media.  We will be announcing product updates and other information to Twitter.


The Birger exhibits in April at NAB 2012 (Las Vegas) and in May at the AIA Vision 2012 (Boston) are now complete.  Birger demonstrated lens control systems on Sony (FS100, FS700 and F3), Panasonic (AF100), Red (EpicX and One) and Imperx (Bobcat) cameras.  Photo below is our exhibit at NAB 2012, featuring the soon-to-be-shipping Canon EF Lens Adapter for the Sony PMW-F3.

Details and ship dates for our new Broadcast products will follow at a later date.  All Broadcast products will be sold through dealers. 
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Please watch the following video to see the capabilities of our lens mount product for the Cinema market, as demonstrated on a RED camera.   
The Birger Canon EF lens mounts has been put back into limited production, and is available for same day shipment from stock.  For a limited time, we are offering a 50% disount on the PL Mount for the Red Kit.  To order, fill out this form.   

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